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Jamming Econo: ‘Our Band Could Be Your Life’

How to create a successful indie rock band in 10 simple steps: 1. Consume music and other art omnivorously, absorbing influences anywhere and everywhere. 2. Buy an instrument, secondhand if need be. Learn to play it competently (or not — … Continue reading

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Old Money, New Money, Green Money, Blue Money: ‘The Great Gatsby’

OK, let’s get something straight right off the bat: There’s really nothing new to say about ‘The Great Gatsby.’ There’s probably an entire library’s worth of criticism, counter-criticism and counter-counter-criticism about the book. In fact, just by writing about it, … Continue reading

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‘The Great Derangement’: Laugh ‘Til You Cry

Loony lefty conspiracy movements. Christian megachurches. The Florida GOP. Capitol Hill. In the middle of the last decade, Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi waded neck-deep through all of these fever swamps and came out of the other side with The … Continue reading

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No Death? No Dice: ‘The Postmortal’

Drew Magary is one of the funniest writers on the whole damn Internet. NO ONE DENIES THIS. I’ve been reading his stuff on Deadspin for awhile, and when it comes to humor, the guy always delivers. I particularly enjoy the … Continue reading

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